Why The Need For Wheel Stops In A Car Park?

Whether we like to admit it or not, there are always some chauffeurs who overlook to put on their car’s handbrake. This means that they park up and get out of the vehicle without limiting its capability to roll. Without safety measures, this indicates that one of these cars might start to move by itself and may cause significant injury or damage to surrounding property.

Naturally, there is also the possibility that a handbrake could be defective rendering it ineffective. We only have to look to the recent death of Anton Yelchin, who was squashed by his car when the handbrake cannot engage correctly. While a lot of us would be concerned about security, if you own a home with a private car park, there is likewise the possibility of liability if such an incident happens. For this factor, lots of homeowners consider setting up wheel stops.

Aren’t Concrete Kerbs Enough?

Numerous make the presumption that a concrete kerb would suffice to prevent residential or commercial property damage or injury in case of a handbrake not being used or malfunction. Nevertheless, as some parking lot owners have found, a concrete kerb does not supply adequate defence. This indicates that not just is there a threat of physical damage to automobiles and property, however likewise the capacity for legal costs. Fortunately, wheel stops can help to avoid this. A wheel stop can be set up to prevent this threat.

Standards for car park wheel stops

Car park owners need to abide by the requirements for the physical dimensions mandated for building concrete wheel stops in Melbourne . The stop has to be in between 90 and 100 millimetres in height with an approximate width of 1650 millimetres. These measurements can not only offer defence against property damage. However, it can also assist to prevent damage to the vehicle itself.

The Reasons to Set Up Wheel Stops:

If you are still not sure about installing wheel drops in designated areas, you must understand that these stops can manage the kerb overhang that could be dangerous to pedestrians. With a stop in location, an allowance for pedestrians to walk by is produced. Furthermore, stops can prevent automobiles from encroaching on the parking space opposite. This can avoid cars from crashing each other when parking and conserve space if your parking bays are restricted.

Getting rid of all prospective for vehicle damage is not possible, as mishaps will take place. However, with the appropriate safety devices, you can minimise the danger of accidents taking place. This can not just lower your liability. However, it could help you to avoid the stress and disappointment of dealing with a mad employee or client who has suffered damage to their vehicle.

Preventing Accidents In Your Workplace

Workplace safety has always been a paramount concern to managers, engineers and entrepreneurs, nonetheless, accidents happen. Due to the so many variables by which accidents occur, preventing accident is a continuing concern.

Encourage suggestions.

The most timid and shy among workers are found in the lowest ranks. Yet these people are the most familiar with actual workplace conditions and the dangers these present. Most of the time, wisdom that are really grounded are found among them. The problem often is that they are less articulate in proposing suggestions. True, there are suggestion boxes but most of the time the tendency is to listen to employees who have earned the respect of their bosses. To make this harder, suggestion boxes are in many instances treated as prank stations as well as complaint centers discouraging management from delving into it on a regular basis.

To lessen accidents from happening, it is imperative that management encourage everyone to suggest even when the suggestion appears to be the dumbest at the moment.

The cliché that we learn from the unexpected is always true.

Hazard Assessment

Hazards probability are conducted by safety engineers, managers and other factory wizards and rightly so. There is however affectivity levels among managers. Textbook cases, construction authorities, and other safety concerns and precautions are good tools to foresee, predict, and decrease probabilities.

The rank and file directly involved in the operation of a particular area though faces the day-by-day operations. The variables of accidents happening are just too large when the rank is seldom consulted especially when the person in charge of safety is a seat of the pants manager.

Looking Sharp

Safety review procedures and safety assessment conducted regularly are very good practices. Since supervisors and managers cannot be expected to be at the right place at the right time all the time, employees must be involved in looking out for possible workplace hazards. Employees must report any deviation from safety procedures and workplace standards.

Safety Watch

Collect and evaluate reports regularly. Get the involvement of everyone concerned. Think, study, discuss, agree, and implement. It is so very easy to get the commitment of each and every member of the team if his or her suggestion is sincerely and seriously considered. Pride in the workplace and increased awareness of safety work habits often will result. When employees are not sincerely involved, events like near misses are seldom considered serious enough to file a report. Narrow escapes are too unless maybe spotted by someone who is more safety centered.

Habits and Practices

The commitment of the management at reducing risks and implementing safety procedures encourages the whole team to aware safety habits. New employees likewise easily learn methods at working things the right way, because safety workplace habits and practices are easily corrected when there is enough involvement.

Getting the involvement of everyone in the organization especially whenever workplace safety is concerned generates payback for everyone in the workplace. It is also a good vehicle at understanding actual working conditions including those that are unforeseen, and awareness of safety benefits and employee’s health and welfare.

Simple Regulations That Can Guarantee Workplace Safety

It is critical for all workplace environments to have a system in place that can guarantee the safety of employees. Without this, the employees are in constant threat from all types of hazards. So what types of hazards should be addressed to guarantee that workplaces are nearly accident-free?

On Job Hazards
There are a lot of on job hazards. Some of them are risk employees to severe injuries, others to minimal injuries. Both of these should be on top of the organization’s list of priorities. They should be reduced at all cost and employees should have very limited exposure to these at all times.

Apparently, simple safety regulations are all that’s needed to avert the chances that an employee will meet an accident within the premises of the workplace. Tripping hazards should be removed from all areas of the workplace. Dim-lighted corridors should receive sufficient lighting. There shouldn’t be any blind spots. Where they cannot be avoided, employees should be made aware of their presence to prevent any untoward accidents, especially collision. Wires and cords should be hidden. Whenever possible, secured away. There should be no loose electrical wirings, everything must be covered with appropriate insulators.

Regulations on fire and electrical safety should be made. Employees should always be informed about any safety regulation.

Health Hazards
Global pandemics have happened before, they could happen again. Often, they begin in unexpected places such as offices, malls, airports, and subways. Prevent worker-spread medical conditions by creating regulations that will compel all sick employees to refrain from going to work. Appropriate programs should be made to ensure that sick employees are kept from a safe distance from perfectly healthy employees. Such programs include paid sick leave and others.

Health hazards can be avoided by very simple regulations. Encourage employees to frequently wash their hands, for example, to avoid the spread of communicable diseases. Also, disinfectants should be used in workplace areas where they are most needed such as in the cafeteria and in the men’s and women’s room.

Chemical Hazards
Industries where strong, if not hazardous chemicals are used, should have comprehensive chemical hazard safety regulations to ensure their employees’ safety. Chemicals, for example, should be labeled and stored appropriately. This simple measure ensures that chemicals that are not supposed to be mixed are not mixed together or that unwanted results do not crop up due to negligence or ignorance.

Fire Hazards
Fire hazards could be anything from paper, combustible chemicals to faulty wiring. Periodically run maintenance and check-up procedures to spot any accident that is waiting to happen. Also, ensure that fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and fire/smoke detectors are installed in the workplace.

Whistleblower System
Sometimes, it is a necessity to adopt the whistleblower system. This can help ensure that the safety standards of the organization are increased as well as maintained by engaging each and every employee in keeping the safety standards in place.

Encourage employee participation by making them full aware of the behavior of their colleagues. Any suspecting behaviors should be reported to prevent incidence of violence, physical harm, coercion, abuse, or sexual harassment.

Tips on Managing Health & Safety in the Workplace

When it comes to the health and safety of your employees and or coworkers nothing is more vital. Maintaining a safe place to work is key to a healthy and happy place to work. If you are tasked with the job of keeping everyone safe then there are a few things that you need to be aware of. First off, there are guidelines already established for workplace health and safety and they are contained within the pages of The United States Department of Labor’s three departments of: Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Remember, that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the employees’ are safe while at work. If you happen to be the company’s health and safety officer then it becomes your responsibility to ensure the employees have what they need to stay safe while working. You will have to do regular checks to make sure all the equipment is good and the supplies are stocked. Some of the items you are going to have to check include: maintaining safe workplace, preventing risks from substances and exposure, issue protective clothing and equipment, making sure proper gear is used correctly, and providing employees with training and instructions.


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