Is it Ever Okay to Skip Out on a Bail Bond?

When you’re arrested, a call to a bondsman can help you get out of jail fast and at a much cheaper price than what you’d pay to the court without this professional there. In fact, you spend just 10% of the original bond amount when working with a bondsman. That’s a ton of money you can save and when it comes to getting out of jail, you probably don’t have a lot of money sitting around to spend for such.

The bondsman depends on you to go to court so he doesn’t lose money. If you fail to appear in court, you’ve done what is known as skipped bond and committed a crime. Should you ever skip bond? Surely there are a few occasions when it is okay to skip out on a bail bond, right? Wrong. There is only one good reason to skip out on your bail and that is because you enjoy going to jail. Otherwise, it is one of the worst decisions you can ever make.

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Problems do not go away because you attempt to avoid them. You’ll answer to this charge whether it is on the court date the court has set for you or years down the road when the law finally catches up to you. It is much worse than because you’ve likely established a great life for yourself at this point. Besides, when you went to the bonding agent desperate for help to get out of jail, they were gracious enough to have your back and provide bail bonds adams county colorado to get you out fast. That is commendable and you should go to court if for no other reason than to ensure the bonding agents know you appreciate their help.