Juveniles Need to be Defended, Too

Just as an adult needs legal representation when charged with committing a crime, so does a juvenile offender. When a person is accused of committing a serious crime, there is a risk of being incarcerated, whether in a juvenile detention facility, jail, or prison. Juveniles who are repeat offenders are more likely to face time behind bars. When a lawyer is there, he will make sure the juvenile offender gets the fair trial they deserve.

Lawyers stand up for the juvenile offender, giving them a voice in court to ensure the facts of the case are heard loud and clear. They learn the facts of the case and plan a proper defense based on this information. A lawyer works to get the juvenile off of the charge, the charges reduced, or a reduced sentence. Without an attorney there to represent the case, the punishment for a conviction is far harsher and devastating to your life.

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Not every juvenile case needs a lawyer. The juvenile court system is designed to rehabilitate and will try a variety of treatment options for the juvenile in many cases. However, never take this chance when charged with a serious crime or when the charge is transferred to adult court. With freedom and so much more on the line, every juvenile needs a shot at a fair hearing and that is best done when fairfax lawyers are there.

Lawyers who handle juvenile crime case offer free consultations to discuss the case and the many details in-depth.  Every parent should take advantage of this consultation to learn more about their child’s case and how to protect their rights. Although the consultation is free and without any obligation to retain the attorney, there is no question you’ll want the comfort and expertise that an attorney brings to your case.