Unusual & Strange Places to Visit in Allentown

Maybe you’re tired of visiting the zoos and amusement parks and art galleries and have a few ideas that will suit your needs for a good time that most people wouldn’t consider to be fun. If you are bold and daring, some of the locations below may serve as the perfect places to visit to entertain your time. But, be sure to check the laws before you visit any of these unusual locations because you may be committing a crime in some instances.

Abandoned Houses

Abandoned houses sometimes include creepy ghost stories with them. The spookiness of many houses is enough to send chills up your spine. If you want to find out if the place is haunted, why not check out the inside when the clock strikes midnight?


Are you thinking of becoming a mortician or otherwise work in the death industry? Schedule an appointment with the state to take a tour of the local morgue and learn more about this career. Can you stomach what you see? This visit will help you learn before making any serious commitments.


Although a cemetery visit is not for the faint of heart, for many people it is an enjoyable trip they make for a variety of personal reasons. Perhaps you simply want to take the dare your friends have challenged you to or perhaps there are more sinister reasons to visit the cemetery. Do you dare?

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Did You Go to Jail?

If any of the fun times above cause you to get into a bit of legal trouble, call for bail bonds Allentown PA to get you out of jail. A bondsman understands that you just wanted to have a little fun and will help you quickly get out of jail no matter what the hour on the clock. Keep it legal but if mishaps occur, remember that a bondsman is there to help.